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Mobile Pet Grooming in Boise

Aussie Pet Mobile Boise provides mobile pet grooming services including cat grooming and dog grooming in the greater Boise area.

Weekly Visits At The Humane Society Shelter In Boise ID!

Dog After GroomPet Grooming In Boise

Jenny welcomes the newly imported rescues frequently at the Idaho Humane Society in Boise, and grooms them so that they are appealing to potential foster parents and adoptive parents. Aussie Pet Mobile is happy to provide the opportunity to provide a little love, and lots of grooming, for these unfortunate orphans.  Timber, the happy Golden Retriever above, and Snowflake are just two of many that Jenny (and Dallas) have voluntarily groomed this summer.

Dog Groomer With Dog 15 Step Luxurious SPA Grooming Service

  • On Site Grooming Assessment
  • Clip Nails
  • Brush out knots and debris
  • Shampoo in Hydrobath
  • Clean Eyes
  • Clean Ears
  • Initial Rinse
  • Brush/Massage in Hydrobath
  • Final Rinse
  • Towel Dry Face
  • Hand Blow Dry Body
  • Trim Paw Pads
  • Final Brush and Fluff
  • Light Fragrance (with your approval)
  • Tasty Treat (with your approval)

Aussie Pet Mobile Boise provides quality mobile pet grooming to the greater Boise area.

Please contact us at (208) 922-7500 to schedule a groom and get started.